Zoet Bathlatier Candles

Zoet Bathlatier Candles



Fig Leaf & Rosemary:

The air of a lush fig grove, wild French lavender and fresh, herbaceous rosemary.

Oakmoss Lichen:

Rich earth and wood notes with a fusion of herbs and touch of sandalwood and amber.

Lavender & Sage:

A soothing and spa like blend of earthy sage and herbal lavender with underlying sandalwood.


A bold scent reminiscent of tobacco and leather with black pepper, patchouli and cedarwood.

Blue Agave Nectar:

The sweet nectar of agave, ripe bergamot and fresh lime, crisp apples, white nectarines + black currants. Middle notes of cyclamen and water lily with a base of white woods.

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Product Information:

65+ hour burn time.

Our candles are 100% vegetable based blended with soy. We scent our candles with phthalate-free fragrances and/or pure essential oils and use lead-free wicks. Our candles come in 11 ounce glass tumblers. So please recycle or re-use for odds and ends or for a drinking glass.

Ingredients: essential oils, fine fragrance, soy wax & botanicals